A naturally creative talent, London-based make up specialist Jennie Wren has spent a lifetime expressing herself and reflecting the world around her through her art. Adept at turning her hands to any creative skill – from illustration and fashion design, to clothe-making and styling – painting has always been the medium she has felt most deeply connected to, and through technical training to become a professional make-up artist.Jennie has discovered a way to explore and communicate the very best of her imagination.

Technically gifted,Jennie often turns to nature for inspiration and fashion’s forms, colours and shapes blend together to influence her work. But she also has an inherent affinity with the surreal, and the dream like work of artists such as Salvador Dali regularly inform her creations. 

Passionate about every part of the make-up process, Jennie considers each face or body she encounters much as she would approach a jigsaw, deconstructing then rebuilding each piece as a whole new creation in her mind’s eye, before translating her vision on to the flesh.

Her make-up brushes are simply an extension of her paint brushes and each face she encounters provides a new opportunity to create a fresh work of art – from the most subtly natural of enhancements to the most theatrical of transformations.                                                                                   
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